The Basic Intro

*ok, deep breath* 

Hi there folks,

First blog post from me and boy am I nervous!! The sudden blank and losing track of where the keys are even though I have pressed them 100 times..anyway…

I’m a cleaner, there I said it, I clean and I love it!! Its the most satisfying job I have ever done, well don’t get me wrong I’ve been a cleaner for 6 and a half years so its kind of the only job I’ve done, usually in hotels but recently I decided to spread my wings and create my own cleaning business, cleaning homes and it is some of my most rewarding work.. Walking in to a house and doing my best is always worth it when I see the happiness on my clients face, it let’s me know I’m doing it right..that and the compliments of course *blush*

So anyway, you are probably wondering why I’m blogging about this?? Well, what I aim to do is share my experiences, my tips and tricks, what products work best for me etcetera etcetera..

So, now I have the intro done and dusted my next post will be a checklist of everything I would go though in a clients home..I have raked through the net trying to find something similar but I just haven’t managed to find one that helps.. Obviously everyone’s house is different and the master checklist would need tweaking but it’s just to give you a rough guide…

Until then,

X The Cleaner X